Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first blog

Hello all. This is my first blog...ever. Today's topic is ORACLE IDENTITY MANAGER. This topic will come up a lot.

I would blog about how ridiculous it is to recover objects from the OIM database after they are deleted but you will find that on my masters site at


So instead, I'll blog about Oracle support. What can I say. today i have spent the ENTIRE day working with Oracle support on 4 separate Service requests regarding OIM. I've had 2 bugs filed on my behalf. (though I am told that unless we are going live soon, they won't escalate the bugs to have them fixed soon) I have been told to upload screen shots/logs and asked where THEIR OWN documentation is on THEIR SITE.

On the plus side when we asked how to recover a deleted object we got an answer. rename it and then create a new one. And when i asked, but can we recover? I was told it's a complicated process, just use this for now. And that is a very short version, of my day with oracle support.


Phil Lembo said...

Oracle support is truly abyssmal. Fortunately for us, we are smarter than they are and no secret will long remain hidden from our laser-like focus.

Annette said...

I love you...but you lost me at "hello...". It's a good thing I am in charge of the non-computer related things.